What Is Branding?

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Branding is profitable, highly profitable. Case in point: Coca Cola. We all know that this is a brand name, but when did we last stop to consider how much it is worth. Well, the answer is that it is worth more than $67 billion. That is a lot of money for a fluid with no real nutrient value. The reason why people the world over are willing to pay so much for coloured, sugared water in a tin can or plastic bottle is because the product has become a brand. When people think of soft drinks, the word "Coca Cola" often comes to mind; at least that's what the numbers tell us.

While you may not be able to turn out millions of products to sell to a thirsty crowd, you can still benefit from this powerful marketing tool. In short, personal branding, if done right, can make you rich.

The Necessity Of Branding Yourself

Ironically, branding is inevitable. If you don't brand yourself, others will brand you and your products for you. This, as you may well imagine, is risky. People tend to be more negative than positive, more cynical than charitable, and more inclined to condemn than moved to praise. Instead of waiting for others to classify, according to their predispositions and moods, the value of your reputation, the image of your company, and the merits of your products, you should do it yourself. It's about taking control of your own destiny, rather than letting it be defined for you.

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Branding Yourself

If you're still having doubts, here are seven good reasons why you need to seriously think about branding yourself:

1. You'll differentiate yourself from the competition. 2. You'll position yourself in the minds of others as a leader and innovator. 3. You'll create a clear focus and a succinct statement about your mission. 4. You'll project a positive and credible image. 5. You'll develop a loyal customer base. 6. You'll be appreciated at an emotional level below the threshold of conscious awareness. 7. You'll find it easier to communicate your marketing message and get it out to more people.

The Evolution Of Branding

Although self-promotion has been in existence since the days of Ancient Babylonia when merchants hawked their wares, it was not until people like Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie initiated the idea of personal excellence and self-development in the earlier part of the twentieth century that the idea really grew roots in the collective psyche. Then, this pioneering work was further evolved during the latter part of the twentieth century through the work of management gurus like Peter F. Drucker and Tom Peters. Today, branding, particularly branding yourself, is accepted as much more than basic promotion. While self-promotion has the connotations of hubris and boasting, branding yourself is a whole methodology on how to deliver your products. Instead of bragging, it's about value sharing. Branding is marketing, and branding yourself is marketing yourself as the product of highest value.

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What Is Branding?

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This article was published on 2010/10/01