Top Six Ways to Brand Yourself on the Internet

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Many people are looking to brand themselves instead of the company they work for, (they want to be known as a leader), yet they still don't know the ways you are able to brand yourself. Branding yourself can be extremely beneficial if it is done correctly, if not you will just stay in the shadows and not attract a following. I am going to share with you some of the ways you can brand yourself on the internet.

  1. Blogging; this could very well be the most powerful platform for you to be found on a personable level. All of your social media should point back here, it is your most personal asset on the internet and you can use it to display your lifestyle, history and goals here. Having a personal blog with links between it and your other social media sites will ensure you gain more followers and get more exposure.
  2. Offer your audience VALUABLE content, and offer it consistently. If you offer nothing to people except for sales pitches, people will just switch off.
  3. Another extremely effective way to brand yourself is show people yourself! A picture can offer your audience more because they can see more personally, and can relate easier to you.
  4. Make yourself stand out, become their leader, show them what they want to see and they will follow you.
  5. Be consistent, people do not like people who change their mind every few days, you need to make your point of view known and stick with it.
  6. Be memorable, have a memorable picture of yourself on your blog and on each forums, so people can remember your face easily, and choose a logo or background that says something about you.

By following these six simple steps you will ensure that you start to create a name online for yourself and not the company you work with. So remember, blogging is a major starting point for branding yourself online and can be the center point for your online image.

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Top Six Ways to Brand Yourself on the Internet

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This article was published on 2010/03/29