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Why thriving shoe business e-commerce will it? In this regard, Li Zhongwei from an operational point of view that, first of all, footwear product attributes conducive to electronic business operation. Footwear is between the fast moving consumer goods and durable consumer goods, a category between, and both the characteristics of fashion goods, often a consumer will buy 2-3 pairs of Nike Air Max 2009 shoes a year, the potential market demand. Meanwhile, the traditional products with strong brands with high technical content, reliability of the strong, great value per unit of product, and other smaller properties, brand shoes comprehensive "net " to provide a basis.Wenzhou City Branch of Charity Federation was established to integrate trade associations, the majority of non-public ownership economy so the power of love and charity to raise funds for social assistance, support vulnerable groups. As Vice President of Gilda Wenzhou Federation chairman Yu Jinhua, generous, enthusiastic Branch donated 250,000 yuan to the charity, to promote helping the poor, disaster relief, public service announcement to carry out such work, to build a harmonious society.

Secondly, the characteristics of the target consumer group Nike Air Max 90 footwear brand footwear enterprises to ensure "net" easy success.

Shoes online shopping consumers can be divided into two categories: one is price sensitive crowd, they focus on the bargain; one is paying more attention to the brand of the group. The latter, the general cultural level of brand awareness and high spending power, brand footwear basic characteristics of consumer groups, such features easy-to-business e-commerce business to expand the brand, because the advantages of the brand itself is the basis for user confidence, while Has purchased exclusive, clearer consumer purposes.
"I do before the trade, and deeply feel the importance of the brand. library brand name shoes at the start, our position is very clear: the first devoted exclusively to footwear; second brand specializing in footwear; third, E-commerce only shoe plate. "library name shoes from the side confirmed CEO Li Zhongwei Xu Songmao analysis.

ShopEx head of product technology, said Mr. Chen, with the footwear brand of e-business concentration increases, the traditional Nike Air Max business to be successful, you must also build in the talent system, technology system, cooperative and marketing system under development, etc. Homework. If these companies are not able to have a better grasp of the short term, the best choice for co-operation with third-party e-commerce service providers to ensure that projects a soft landing.

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"thriving " because

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This article was published on 2011/04/12