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Rocket Dog is one of the leading brands of offbeat contemporary footwear they are true trendsetters in their design and company ethos. With the spirit of individuality its driving force, this brand of shoes are superb for everyday wear for people who want to make a statement to the world.

Fashion is something that most people follow, but we don't all need to look the same, with so many styles and trends we can all stand out from the crowd whilst still being fashionable. People who like to dress with individual flare and panache are always searching for the brand that will set trends, and this is the perfect brand for uniqueness and exclusivity. Only launched in the 1990's, being one of the most imaginative and creative brands on the market, they have now become a firm fixture in the fashion industry. And year on year the brand continues to increase in popularity on a global level, they can be seen on feet all over the world, New York, London and Paris included.

The first line of shoe they manufactured were cork-heeled sandals; following on from their success, next they launched a surf-type shoe. They were a huge hit across Europe, parts of Asia and America, but they found their greatest market in Australia. Originally conceived as a brand for contemporary women everywhere, men and children were soon part of the production their target market. 20 years after its inception, the company now produce a fantastic array of shoes, intended to be unconventional, they are now part of the offbeat fashion scene. They make a statement for the world to appreciate, that the Rocket Dog brand is not afraid to be different.

Made with the ideals of youth in mind, they are marketed to the adventurous type of personality, they don't necessarily evoke feelings of sophistication, but they are trendy, fresh, and funky. Made from great quality materials, they always produce excellent shoes, and many people buy repeatedly from their collection. They express a fun and exciting side to anyone who wears them.

Rocket Dog designs always look great, and on top of this, they are highly functionable, can be worn day-in-day-out in fantastic comfort. Their range is exceptionally broad, from beach sandals to fur-lined boots for the cold winter months. They come in a range of styles and designs, as well as colour. Their boots are particularly popular because they offer so much versatility, by way of both design and suitability to creating a one or other ‘look'. Amongst the range of boots available in this brand of shoe, you can find high-heels, flats, knee-highs, ankle, fur-lined ... Boots are always stylish, but practical too.

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If you haven't yet bought a pair of Rocket Dog, then they are certainly worth considering. a great range of shoes on sale all at fantastic prices, whether you are looking for boots, pumps or shoes, you are sure to find a style you love.

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The Rocket Dog Brand

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This article was published on 2010/10/21