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The domestic market, no real strong sauce brands
Yesterday, a research firm issued by the domestic market research report sauce, seasoning sauce in China market, although there Laogan Ma , Ah Hong PO, Lee Kum Kee and other famous brands, but brands from product positioning, packaging, slogans spread to the areas of marketing strategy is no rosy between. In other words, our sauces on the market is not yet a truly strong brand. Experts pointed out that the sauce is in the strong market is not strong, the competitive landscape, but this also means that the market is still huge room for growth.

Consumers: 6 adults do not think the best brand
The survey, 68.2% of consumers think that sauce product is currently not the best brand.

Sauce in consumer brand recognition survey Laogan Ma ranked first, accounting for 21.7% rate of consumer choice; followed by Ah Xiang woman, 15.6%; Lee Kum Kee was third with 9.9% bit. McCormick from the United States, China Honored Liu Biju, Wang is the same with 4.6% share of the 4-6 ranked first name, and other sauces brand consumer acceptance is very limited.

Reporters found that consumers choose products more sauce is based on taste and price promotions are often who will buy who, randomness great brand awareness in the share of consumers purchasing proportion is not significant.

Enterprise: heavy burden unable to promote small profit
Report stressed that the sauce industry, brand awareness, channel laid Marketing Level and for the FMCG industry with instant noodles, milk, drinks compared to other enterprises, there is a considerable gap.

Beijing Liu Biju Food Co., Ltd. Sell Feng-Qin Zhang, general manager of this company said that the current market in our sauces are indeed the existence of such a situation.

Feng-Qin Zhang admits: "Liu Biju as a long-established state-owned enterprises, promote investment in the product is indeed enough to do. This is mainly due to production of enterprise products Raw material Cost, relatively long period, while profit margins are relatively modest, no more ability to do mass marketing. "

To reporters, according to one insider said, and now China sauce company's investment in the brand few general business costs associated with the year before the budget may be around 1 million yuan, however, that, and instant noodles, beverages, Dairy Million-dollar enterprises such as frequently compared to the cost of marketing is simply drop in the bucket. It is understood that, generally, as Mengniu , Yili and other corporate giants such as milk, only a single product for each new product marketing costs will be more than 20 million yuan.

Experts: a weak sense of brand development of the industry constraints
In fact, in addition to the brand, the Beijing market sauce brands also Haitian, before the old minister, rejoicing large, Fortune and other great beauty. But there is no real depth to which brand to the consumer heart.

"Even as the Lao Ganma that brand awareness is also good, also not brands such as Coca-Cola brand as having more value." Top Flag Media Group, Gen-Sheng Li, said brand marketing expert.

Gen-Sheng Li said: "There is a weak brand awareness or even restricting our sauce is the condiment industry the main reason. Enterprises in this industry that their profits are very thin, do not want to spend more effort on the brand packaging and marketing, but in fact the more the more it can not be bigger and stronger. "

Also poor distribution channels, product innovation ability, rustic packaging, consumer loyalty is not high and the industry's ills prevailing.

Can be said that China's current sauce market has not really strong brand. However, it also is based on this, the market still has much room for market growth and opportunity. Experts said that if at this stage who have more courage to change, it will have more opportunities to walk in the forefront of the industry.

According to statistics, China's condiment market scale is already nearly 10 years to double the size of the market in 2010 is expected to reach 30 billion yuan.
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The Domestic Market Is No Real Strong Sauce Brand - Sauces, Condiments - Food Industry

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The Domestic Market Is No Real Strong Sauce Brand - Sauces, Condiments - Food Industry

This article was published on 2011/01/16