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In this article, I want to position some of the key principles which will help to galvanise your home-based business into immediate short term and valuable productivity.  Firstly, as has been cited by so many successful exponents of online marketing, the cash value for any entrepreneur lies in your list.

  • The Value of your List.
It really goes without saying that you cannot force people to buy things that they don't want or cannot see value in. So it is imperative for internet marketing entrepreneurs to realize that they must create an offer that will be of genuine interest and value to people on their list and communicate consistently and regularly so that your target market appreciates that your offer is of genuine benefit to them. Importantly, once you've established a relationship with the people on your list, they will develop a bond of trust for what you have to say, and this is a fundamental concept within the law of attraction. Be sensitive to the understandable cynicism about buying certain products online and work hard to only include quality, ethical and relevant products based upon your own values and beliefs.
  • The Power and Attractiveness of your brand.
Your own personal brand and an understanding of the laws of attraction which shape people's perception of you and your brand must become second nature to you in the development of your business. Remember this, this is critically important. Deciding and acting on a defining and consistent set of principles which you believe in will set your brand apart positively and, in turn, you will more easily convince your target market of your worth.

As Jim Rohn, the respected author said, Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted to you by the person you become.  In short, you should strive to create a 'cult' for your brand which sets out your business differently from those others who will undoubtedly be offering similar products to your site. Differentiation is key. Be yourself, bond with your target market and don't be afraid to make your personality core to your business.

A large part of the value of your brand lies in your ability to generate an excellent impression of you and  your business. Try not to rely on gimmicky marketing tricks to attract income. Although clever techniques may gain you a reputation and some attention, this may not necessarily be a positive thing. You want to make sure that you are adopting, and importantly, publicizing the positivity of your values and beliefs, because this will ensure that people invest in your brand, and continue to do so.

One mistake that so many people starting in business make is to feel that they can generate immediate returns and profits without laying crucial foundations. Don't attempt to create a brand overnight, it would be a miracle if anyone serious about starting up a genuine business like this managed to craft a fully comprehensive brand immediately. Like all great corporate brands, your personal brand has to be built on a fixed set of defining and consistent values, which should include:

-Personality - how you speak, write, and engage with your target market

-Trust - people only build relationships with trusted brands

-Consistency - build loyalty through your dependable actions

-Attraction - allow people to like you, Make yourself compelling.

-Relevant Value - Give, share and focus your proposition on helping others.

Good luck and to your success.

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The Brand is You

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This article was published on 2010/03/30