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Brand Essence is the brand Uniqueness, quality that makes impression in the minds of customers. In other words; it can truly be regarded as brand's values, brand feel, core competencies in the minds of stake holders and customers.

Some regards Branding as the heart and soul of the service and product. Brand essence is used to create a positive environment about the brands and help to link the customers with brand. The link may be physical or emotional. It helps to make customer brand loyal. It is the brand essence of the product which inspires and motivate customer to purchase the product or service regularly and frequently. It helps in creating long lasting relationship with customers.

Branding is perceived as the quality indicator of the product or can be regarded as satisfaction indicator of the services. It tells the customer how much the company or brand care about them even after the purchase. The concern shown by companies in topics related to their customers satisfaction and product quality ultimately leads to Brand Essence.

For example: Hallmark a leading card manufacturing company uses phrase 'Enriching lives'. The phrase contains the brand essence of the hallmark and its culture. It shows how much they care about their customers, how they come out with products and how they communicate their merchandise in stores. This phrase 'Enriching Lives' helps to create positive Environment about the company and its people in the mind of the customer. This has permeated deep down to the company's culture and has payed dividend to the hallmark.

Harley-Davidson's is one more example in the context of Branding. This company has created a very loyal force of customers and admirers. This motor cycle represents a set of values and culture which helps in making customer brand loyal.

For creating a niche in the Company good market research is important. They need to understand what a customer wants and aspires. How a customer can attach himself with brand and its value. Then only a company can make difference in the minds of the customers.

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The Brand Essence

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This article was published on 2010/04/01