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Business firms that have already established a brand in the market have a distinct advantage in the telemarketing sector. The call center units that handle their work find it easier to generate leads because consumers recognize the brand and that makes the process of selling so much easier. The brand recall is what persuades the customers into buying a particular product or service. There are several ways in which telemarketing services have it easy when they have a brand to market. Here are some of them:

1.  Brand Recall: Marketing gurus have always told us that customers buy products primarily on brand recall. The value of the brand lies in how quickly a consumer can think of that brand through an ad video, a radio jingle or any other association. Telemarketing firms can use this recall value to their advantage. Call center agents who make the calls for promoting and marketing the products/services can bank on the brand value. The ideal way to do lead generation here is to mention the brand repeatedly. What differentiates your product from what the other BPO units may be offering them is your brand value. That is what the consumers rely and trust on. You have to cash in on that while pushing for sales.

2.  Trust: Consumers trust brands. That is because these brands have served them reliably over the years. The call centers that have this advantage must use it to the full. Assure the consumers that things have not changed and they can still expect the same guarantee of quality products/services that they are used to. The lead generation agents can state the prevalent scamming methods to make the customers feel what they have avoided. People like to count their blessings and that is a psychology that telemarketing services providers can feed on. Build up the trust with your consumers and then they will be more open to listen to you. Brand values make the whole task easier.

3.  Quality Assurance: Brands ascertain a certain standard and quality. Call center units trying to sell or promote must make the consumers understand that the quality of their products/services will not disappoint them. In an age when you cannot rely on many BPO units to deliver the right product on time, you can use your brand value to claim to be different. Assure the consumers about sound after-sales answering service. You will find many customers shying away from telemarketing companies because they are not sure of how the customer care experience is going to be.

4.  Maintain the Expectations: When you are working with a brand, your work gets lighter but it doesn't get easier. It's the job of the call center to maintain the brand advantage that it has. With the right kind of telemarketing services, they can consolidate the brand value of the client. They can also expand the brand of the company online through shrewd social media marketing and other Web 2.0 tools. When you have an advantage, it's generally your own prerogative to use it judiciously.

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Telemarketing a Brand

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This article was published on 2010/09/14