Li Ning Run Chase: Stop 2008

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Spain Basketball Team's victory, let people see the "Li Ning" could become an international brand; no doubt that, compared with Adidas and Nike, both Li Ning or Anta, in the sports culture of the mining still There is a big gap. How to establish their own cultural personality, apparently affect their brand to become the most important factor in international

  9 3 in Japan, the end of the current World Basketball Championships, the Spanish team miraculously won the world championship, almost perfect interpretation of the Li Ning brand culture of "anything is possible" campaign idea. Although the CCTV sports commentator basketball championship in Spain, he had reminded the Chinese audience with emotion: "Li Ning brought good luck to Spain." But there are still many people do not know, Li Ning is a sponsor of the Spanish basketball team, they Li Ning was wearing a shirt to win the trophy.

Li Ning's "Weiweijiuzhao" strategy

Suddenly, Li Ning brand have a championship team, but before that, only a world-class brand to be eligible to have such a team. Li Ning also caught off guard, glad for, but no enough time to take advantage of this big pie heaven.

Good at doing the brand of the senior market planner Yu Yuntao analysis, said: "Li Ning Sports this is like buying a lottery, spent very little money bet, but the accident was the first prize. Can be expected that the Li Ning brand culture in the next, they can tell a wealthy Spanish-style moving story. "

But is worth noting that the Spanish company in the Li Ning brand plays an important role in international strategy. As early as 2001, Li Ning Company to Santander in Spain, opened its first overseas brand shops. Li Ning brand's international strategy is to first become an international brand, and then become the dominant sports brand. By Li Ning, Zhang Zhiyong, president of the argument, which is the Weiweijiuzhao Art of War strategy, that is, the Spanish basketball team through sponsorship, with the cooperation of foreign R & D institutions, "Wai Wei" approach, learn from the advanced technology, superior resources, enhance the professional ability, for the "rescue Zhao", that is, and Nike in the domestic market competition.

Expedition in the Spanish basketball championships in Japan at the same time, Li Ning, the company is busy around the big NBA star Shaquille O'Neal to do publicity, no one realized that the Spaniards are the way to go in miracles.

On Shaquille? O'Neal for mid-August trip to China was a pleasant experience, O'Neill came to China, and Li Ning to stand. August 14 evening, Li Ning Li Ning, Chairman of the Board announced that Li Ning brand O'Neill will join forces to jointly develop the Chinese basketball market, the cooperation for five years. Li Ning Company to Shaquille Shaquille translated as "knight", O'Neill's signing of the trip become a "knight-errant line." In fact, the star in the NBA, O'Neal can be the same as the movement outside the impressive business Gaode so not many. In the United States, O'Neill has a "slam dunk by" brand of basketball shoes and jerseys. Active duty as a NBA star Shaquille O'Neal to join either or Li Ning brand in China for local sports, are a landmark event.

Targeted the Australian market Phenom This Monda? Jones different. Earlier this year, Li Ning and the NBA star Damon? Jones signed, Li Ning Jones tailored for the professional basketball shoes "Flying A", "Yu Shuai" are appearing on the NBA arena. But O'Neill has signed on for the other brands prior to the spokesman, in accordance with the image of the exclusive endorsement of the rules difficult to wear Li Ning shoes O'Neill play.

Active as the NBA's elite, young O'Neill's influence on China, the sensational effect of his visit reflected. Despite the industry believes that the cooperation of Li Ning Company and O'Neal is playing a "edge ball", but Li Ning believe that an international star can still make young people more concerned about China Li Ning brand. Many media use the "voice" of this word. Sports marketing experts Lee Seishi on the "Financial Times" reporter said: "O'Neill is surf wear Li Ning shoes NBA arena is still a problem. Li Ning, a move that could lead to domestic sports brand to brand endorsements requested the NBA star 'touch ball' climax."

Any case, Li Ning, the ambassador of the specifications to put on a stage, because the star player Shaquille O'Neal is still active, though O'Neal had 34 "old."

This is an important signal, it shows that Li Ning year of operation with international brand image with new breakthroughs. Li Ning, the company responsible for public affairs of Argus on the "Financial Times" reporter that "the cooperation with O'Neal, will influence the Li Ning brand local and international influence to enhance access to quality, with O'Neal in the NBA fans in China, the appeal will greatly enhance the brand Li Ning brand in the field of competitive basketball. "

But play the international card for a domestic enterprise is not only Li Ning. Basketball in Spain, while miracles, also participated in World Basketball Championships in Japan, Australia, the Chinese Olympic team is wearing the shirt companies, but their record so prominent as the Spanish team. Peak Group Chairman Xu Jingnan told the "Financial Times" reporter: "Last year, we have the advertising done home NBA team the Rockets. In addition, also sponsors the Australian national team and professional team Tigers. In Australia, a distribution business and we have signed three million U.S. dollars a year sales contract. We continue to make breakthroughs in the internationalization. "(091 110)

Links The rising of Li Ning

Three years after the establishment of Li Ning brand in 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Li Ning brand the first time, the Chinese Olympic delegation's sponsorship, becoming the first Chinese Olympic delegation sponsored sporting goods company in China.

Since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Li Ning brand four consecutive sponsorship of Chinese Olympic delegation.

However, a number of international sports brands to compete in the competition for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, held the door in their own Olympic Games, Li Ning, the Chinese sports brand, but miss the opportunity, eventually won the Adidas Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official cooperation qualification. Comment Large   In   Small

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Li Ning Run Chase: Stop 2008

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