Launching a new brand!

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Launching a new brand is one of the most tempted ideas pursued by the companies. There are many problems which are overlooked. Launching a new brand is not always a successful venture. Companies can earn a lot from a single brand; on the other hand companies can also suffer great losses. The strategic placement of a brand into a market is very important. Unless the whole marketing campaign is thought throughout for the brand, the chances for its success remain very limited. The company management often falls into an illusion that is very dangerous and unproductive for the company’s newer brands. In the past we have seen many big names fell to ground because of this pitfall. Company should not ever fall into this wrong concept that if the company launches a new brand, that is predecessor of the older version and even better; it would be successful.

This doesn’t happen and will not happen. Customers don’t care which company you have or what your established brand equities are. They only know what is told to them. Brand designing is also a very important concept in launch of a brand. The company should start building a brand by tracking the experiences drawn by its customers from the similar brands launched by itself or its competitor. These experiences should be discussed thoroughly. The brand should reflect all those experiences that the customer expects from that product. The marketing strategy should be planned on lines of being effective. There are two most important attributes that are related to the marketing campaign of a brand. The first thing is the communication for that particular brand. A marketing campaign should effectively communicate through the graphic as well as the textual content, what the brands reflect.

If the marketing campaign is unable to successfully communicate what the brand is communicating, then the product will face serious threat of being eliminated. The potential as well as present customers should be able to relate their need being satisfied from the new brand launched. The next very important thing is the target of the market campaign. Companies often tend to make the mistake of overstretching their marketing campaign to irrelevant markets or worse to misdirect their marketing campaign to those markets which are not their potential customers. This is a very grim mistake and will cost the company a lot of money without considering the consequences. These are some of the very basic guidelines a company must follow to be able to launch a new brand successfully.

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Launching a new brand!

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This article was published on 2010/08/18