Interpretation Of The 2010 Floor Model Enterprise Is More Important Than The Brand

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By the end of 2009 the State Forestry Administration jointly formulated the five ministries, "Forestry Industry Development Plan 2010-2012", in the domestic flooring industry caused quite a stir. Development plan which is mentioned in three years will focus on supporting national forest 100 leading enterprises within two years a comprehensive clean-up standards for wood-based panel. Domestic clutter the floor will quickly usher in corporate re-shuffle.

Floor in our industry, there are some companies do brands like Cheng Yaojin three resort. Brand from the enterprise plans to do the first moment on, to talk about business management and market advantages, high on the future development plans and objectives, then the concept of packaging, the brand interpretation of flowers are in bloom, and thus create a "strong" brand image; other On the one hand, and constantly promote the corporate culture and team spirit around recruiting, convening a group of influential in the industry, "master" and through personal connections open up all kinds of relations will continue through various dealers, Investment Council, New Appreciation momentum form of propaganda in order to establish sales network; In addition, higher sales strategy to fight through the holding, building brand stores, into the rural markets, in short, the situation is always followed by good learning, but on second thoughts is the Handan toddler, there is a kind of model . The surface of these enterprises is ambitious, but because of lack of business innate system, mode is not clear and other reasons, often thunder, little rain, not long before the end of their rope, or even disappeared.

Today's market is no longer rely on luck and chance to develop the market, opportunism can only get temporary relief, but not for long, the future competitiveness of the pattern and system of Competition. Do brand, brand, make first-class enterprise, courage and determination is certainly commendable, but not enough. A qualified business, not to 18 as well versed in weapons, but must establish a core set of competitive system, out of its own brand models. First, the establishment of R & D and manufacturing systems, primarily product portfolio, including the overall style and positioning products; conceptual product, profit products, mass-produced products, the production cycle and inventory, etc.; secondly, channel profit model identify the target market group, select the appropriate dealer, set the appropriate input and output costs than to draw up a sound system of business incentives and support policies to guide the establishment of business networks and scientific layout of inventory, so that dealers profit model in science to get more profit; again, improve brand operating system, from internal management mechanism to dealer management, until the customer service are the protection of brand competitiveness and support. Brand Model building is a complex and systematic project, and look at the industry many brands, none of them did not set its own brand routine.

At present, wood flooring brand enterprises are about 3,000, compared to household appliances, food and other more mature industries can in terms of "disorder" to describe the majority of the floor companies have been unremarkable. The so-called floor big brands are just a vague concept. According to statistics, the profits of general control flooring industry in the 10 - 15 percent or less of brand value also lower, "the revitalization plan," one, many wooden flooring company aroused. This would mean that in the next two years, the floor enterprises will face a "six states with."

According to experts, this year for enterprises, will face the floor test, there are many good brands because of the incomplete business model and gradually fade out of our sight, and some small businesses rely on sophisticated business models to attract large distributors , gradually become bigger and stronger, flooring company's brand and model are important, but only to have a good profitable business model, which is one of this year's competition points. According to the China Forest Products Industry Association, Zhang introduced the next floor, brand concentration will accelerate, the final number of brands in China will control the floor in the 100 or so, but the floor will form the top ten brands account for 60% of the market share.

In fact, no shortage of products on the market, or lack of brand is the least is the brand model, Cheng Yaojin as not playing a full set of 36 routine, so do not famous, but only lucky, at best, only Forever it. Similarly, a brand's future competitiveness of the core is a complete, meet the needs of businesses and market their own brand model, so as to be invincible in the competition.

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Interpretation Of The 2010 Floor Model Enterprise Is More Important Than The Brand

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This article was published on 2010/09/13