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As a business it is vitally important the public recognise your brand. They should be able to know, at first glance, who you are and what you do. So how do you go about getting that recognition?

There are many ways to promote your brand once you have decided on it, was to get your name and / or logo into people’s minds and keep it there. Here we will touch on a few of the methods you can employ to get “brand recognition”.


Having your name and logo splashed about where people look is perhaps the most obvious way of getting brand recognition. You’ll need to research your target market thoroughly in order to get the most out of an advertising campaign and ensure your money is going as far as it possibly can.

Advertising is an expensive business and you’ll want to know that you’re not wasting one penny.

If, for example, you sell baby products, you will want to target expectant and young mothers specifically. Find out what they read (for print advertising), what they watch (for TV advertising), what they listen to (for radio advertising) and where they go (for billboard advertising).


Attaching your name and logo to related events and the like is a good way to gain not only recognition but trust. A very obvious example would be if you supplied golfing equipment and sponsored a golf tournament, though there are less obvious events – exhibitions for example - you could sponsor that are still related and work for you.

Obviously the bigger the event, the more coverage you will get, but sponsoring more local events is a fantastic way to gain brand recognition also.

And if you can’t think of or there simply aren’t any events that suit you then why not create one yourself and become the host instead of the sponsor? With a good corporate event planner backing you up, there’s no reason you can’t put on a heavily branded conference, exhibition or other event to wow your customers and even your competitors.

Social Media

Get online, get on Facebook, get on Twitter, get on YouTube, get noticed! A strong social media strategy will work wonders for your brand recognition and in terms of monetary cost it is amazingly cost effective. The biggest investment you will make is time. You need to cross promote, generate compelling content, engage and respond to customers and other figures in your industry.

They key to utilising social media is to get mentioned by as many people as possible in a positive way, so the more you engage and converse with people, the more you provide them with interesting or useful content, the more likely they are to share what you say. Your brand will spread as it happens.


Every business these days should have a website simply because people are increasingly searching for goods and services online – if you’re not there, you’re going to miss out on a lot of business.

Your website will also tie into your social media campaign as it is where you can publish your new, compelling content and your social media activity will boost your website in the search engine rankings.

Heavily branded, with a clear message and call to action, plus ways in which your audience can interact with you (a forum or blog for example), is how your website should be and will increase that all important brand awareness.

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How to Promote Your Brand

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This article was published on 2011/02/03