How can the aviation industry benefit from branding

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Aviation is one of the few industries to share an unconventional relationship with branding. As a matter of fact, branding is often undervalued because it’s believed that price, routes, schedule, and other functional factors play a much bigger role. In other words, not branding, but these functional factors are the ones that drive demand. Furthermore, it is also said that while branding creates loyalty, customers still tend to choose other players from the same industry because of the aforesaid factors and also for air miles. That said, of late, those from the industry have realized that branding plays an important role in the aviation industry.

Benefits of focusing on branding

Experts suggest that branding could be one of the biggest tools for the aviation industry if the carriers succeed in encouraging the growth of an emotional connection between the customers and their brands. Some of the benefits of branding are given below:

• While launching new jets, branding is what you need.

• Even if it’s not a whole new jet, branding can still be used for garnering customer loyalty.
• Furthermore, with several low cost carriers already offering their services, branding can help you in retaining your customers.

• It strengthens your position in the industry. In fact, over a period of time your brand strength lets you gain an upper hand and ensures new entrants stand nowhere close to you.

Benefits that are not commonly known

One of the biggest benefits of branding is that it can come in handy in the long run especially when you are thinking along the lines of launching new jets or contemplating brand extensions. Other benefits that are not commonly known include:

• Even if your offerings are no different than what other carriers have, brand marketing can give you an edge.
• If the existing brand name is really strong, it can act as a platform for all future endeavors.

• You get to stand apart, and have many more opportunities, which may not be there if you don’t create a strong brand name in the aviation industry.

How to enjoy these benefits

Branding can be beneficial for the aviation industry if the carriers look for experts that offer strategic services and can help them in reaping the benefits. For finding experts, the following things can be considered:

• Experience: Look for people who have devised the strategies for several carriers and jets and come with an unmatched experience.

• Knowhow: They should be well-versed with aviation branding and must use their knowledge for your benefit.

• Diverse solutions: While they should help you with branding, they should also be able to devise strategies for aviation market research and other conceivable aspects.

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How can the aviation industry benefit from branding

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How can the aviation industry benefit from branding

This article was published on 2013/07/24