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According to the agency recently completed the second car on the behavior of the consumer survey, eventually bought the first car of the same brand with only 12% of consumers, most consumers in the second car replacement of the brand. Some related sites polls show that China has only about one percent of consumers in the transfer or when the second car only consider the original brand cars, and sometimes even this ratio is only 5%.

And abroad, largely depend on the success of brands to maintain brand loyalty Market Share. Intensified competition in today's auto market situation, improve brand loyalty of existing customers will no doubt be a powerful bargaining chip to promote sales.

Brand loyalty: automobile market Mishap Internationally renowned automotive consulting research firm JDPower told the world famous car brand "customers keep returning," were investigated. The investigators found that the success of the brand is largely relying on its strong customer loyalty to maintain market share. According to statistics, most of the world-famous car brands in more than 50% customers keep returning, some of the brands on the market in a specific area as high as 70% of our customers keep returning.

In the automotive industry, brand loyalty is almost all the multinational corporations of the core competitiveness. No matter what new launch vehicle, what kind of new technology, has a huge number of "loyal customer base" is the international auto giants such "soft power" of the true embodiment. JDPower also investigating the relevant responsible person said after: "Assimilation in the car market, the brand is the distinction between products of different characteristics of a major factor."

The global market over the years experience has shown that after the release of a new model for 2 to 3 years, is a crucial period for the formation of customer loyalty. In the domestic automobile market, building a mature and healthy brand image, Developing Strong loyalty to follow the group, has become a vehicle automobile market competition, enterprises in the next round of crucial upper hand. But in fact, very low domestic auto market customers keep returning shows, consumer brand loyalty in the domestic automobile enterprises is not optimistic.

Domestic automobile market is very price-sensitive consumers, the end of preferential short-term promotions such behavior often greatly affect the decisions of consumers buy cars, some cars enterprises complain about the consumer and therefore premature. It is true that the consumer automobile market concept does have its unreasonable and blindness, but the immature behavior behind the consumer automobile market, the automotive brand itself more to "practice" of the martial arts than at home.

Brand is not just a symbol, it is more a concept reflects the unique value that can meet consumer demands some. Therefore contains a lot of things behind the brand: quality, technology and services. It can be said, is the product behind the brand's core competitiveness, while domestic consumer brand loyalty is not high just to reflect the domestic automobile enterprises in the field of brand marketing, "Mishap."

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Domestic auto market consumer brand loyalty and brand loyalty of consumers different foreign car market is so large, we have to ask the reason for this situation is. To analyze this problem, we must first look at the domestic automobile enterprises in brand maintenance shortcomings.
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This article was published on 2010/09/28