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The complex world of brand building:

A ‘brand’ is a complex entity.  Customer’s perception of a brand is formed basis the sum total of all experiences with it, whether transactional or visual. The perceived brand ‘value’ has a direct impact on customer loyalty and sales. So what makes a strong brand; is it (a) the presence of the brand via marketing displays, advertising efforts and numerous stores (b) the consistent delivery of service or product or (c) the people selling the brand? Indeed, a brand is impacted by each of these aspects.

For retail chains and franchise businesses in particular the challenge of brand building is further exaggerated by the logistics involved. The perennial conundrum facing franchise owners, their brand managers and franchise consultants alike is how can they make the brand more recognizable and keep the customer experience flawless. Unknown to most is a technological innovation that is perhaps the single, most powerful solution to surmounting these challenges to brand building.

Franchise Software – The Magical Ingredient for Brand Building

Introducing franchise software, an information management tool that is based in the cloud! Franchise software enables all relevant business information such as operational procedures, training modules, current promotions and customer communication templates to be stored in the cloud for easy access by staff at various locations. Franchise software leads to operational and marketing compliance across geographies thereby creating stronger brands.

By implementing cloud based franchise software, franchise companies can ensure that staff has the requisite knowledge and information needed to execute their jobs. E-learning modules are assigned as per roles and in case of an on-the-job problem scenario the updated digital manual can be easily referenced. Alternatively, franchisees can reach out to other locations that may have faced a similar situation via the community chat feature.

As consumers we can all narrate experiences when we have walked into a store only to be refused a discount advertised because the store manager exhibits the ‘we are not aware of any such offer’ syndrome! With franchise software, retail chains and franchise businesses can ensure that their staff is well informed via real- time updates on the current marketing offers and promotions. The software also integrates client relationship management initiatives, for example sending mobile texts to customers eligible under a loyalty program.

Every brand manager’s worst and surprisingly recurring nightmare is the brand logo being compromised in marketing communications.  Franchise software such as CCM developed by Chainformation gives franchisees access to advertising templates and images so that any promotions designed at the local level are compliant with the company guidelines.

Debunking popular perceptions, the cost and time needed to implement franchise software such as CCM is quite low; no more than a monthly mobile phone plan per location with an implementation time of 2-4 weeks depending on the customization needed. Brands such as ICEBAR ( it is made entirely of snow)  BY ICEHOTEL and O'Learys (known world -wide for its American Sports Bar theme) have both adopted CCM franchise software to maintain their unique brand identities even as they have expanded their businesses globally. Franchise software is fast becoming an indispensible means to end for franchise companies  -  projecting a comprehensive image to clients , creating brand recognition, boosting brand loyalty and ultimately sales! 

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Franchise Software - Building Brands

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This article was published on 2013/04/24