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Although the down is designed according to the target environment, for the mixed-use down, it can meet various needs. For example: A down which is filled with 250g feather, the fabric is high-density water proof. It is characterized by lightweight, small size, soft and comfortable. Then it can be used in the following situations:

  1. Climb snow mountains or work in cold areas;
  2. Long distance walking in winter; You can fold it and put it into your backpack, and use it when you need it;
  3. Go camping in winter; use it in the evening; because it is much colder after it gets darker, and the temperature will drop sharply;
  4. Wear it when you are just working & living in cities; it is fashionable and warm.

There are many down brands, here I am going to list some celebrated brands. Those brands have standard distribution agencies in China.

THENORTHFACE: It is a classic brand, has a large variety of products.
MARMOT: It is well-know in the down apparel industry; it ranks high among down brands; but it is very expensive.
SinTeryx: It is best know for its outdoor down garments. It is well-received by travelers.
MountainHardwear: Its products are excellent, but it did not come to Chinese market until lately, so there are not many Chinese people know this brand.
OZARK: It is one of the outdoor down that Chinese travelers wear in the early time. It has a big market share in China.

Now I am going to introduce you a famous brand - Bosideng. It is a publicly-trade company, founded in 1957. Its headquarters is in Shanghai, China. It is the largest down apparel company in China. It has six key brands including "Bosideng", "Bengen", "Kangbo", "Snow Flying", "Snow Flying", "Shangyu", "Shuangyu". Bosideng Company provides a wide range of down garments targeting various customers. In order to optimize its products, Bosideng launched the strategy of "Non-seasonal Product", and it went very well. Bosideng has won a lot of prizes so far. Bosideng has been awarded Top Ten Global Influential Brands in China; in 2007, it was awarded "World Well-known Brand"; in 2008, it won National Quality Award; in 2009, Bosideng Company ranks at the 160th on the list of Global 600 Most Prestigious Enterprises.

Bosideng is the leading manufacturers in China's down wear industry. It has expanded to the international market. On behalf of China, it brings the world its trendiest winter coat. Whenever you mention down wear, you will think of Bosideng. It becomes Chinese people's first choice when they want to buy a down for the winter. This owes to the good quality of Bosideng products. However, there are some other prestigious down apparel manufacturers in China: Eral, Yalu, Yaya, YBB, Xuezhongfei,Hodo, Qianrengang, Yanhuang, etc. They are capable of offering different kinds of down garments to cater for demands of different consumers. It is safer to buy famous brand down, but it is also possible that the small brand down have the same or superior quality.

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Down Brands

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This article was published on 2011/10/11