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With so many brands and colours available, how do you choose quartz worktops? The starting point is to understand what the actual product is. Engineered quartz is created of crushed quartz crystals (more than 90%) combined with resins. Engineered quartz is each both stylish and remarkably robust. One of the main advantages to remember about quartz, when compared against other surface options, the retention of the appearance of stone whilst eliminating the need for sealing and are exceptionally easy to clean and look after within kitchens.

Quartz worktops will transform any kitchen and may add glamour and value to your property.

You will find a wide range of brands and colours available on offer. These are some of the considerations to think about when choosing the right worktops for your kitchen.

You'll find that there are ten main companies that manufacture and construct quartz surfaces within the UK. These manufacturers supply fabricators the material in a slab format generally 3.00 x 1.40 metres in size. When considering which company to place you order with, you should select a firm based on the high quality of their fabrication services, the quality of the products that they use along with top quality product knowledge and customer service.

Reputable businesses will offer quality products whilst keeping an eye on their own standing in the marketplace and the longevity of the business that they run. We would advise to decide against the use of some of the imported options from the far east that other fabricators provide as experience has shown us that these options might be problematic down the line. Examples of previous issues we have witnessed with the use of inferior products are problems with surface pitting and the finished surface loosing it's polished finish. In both of these examples, neither can be remedied thus rendering the surfaces seriously inadequate.

Most of the brands that are available vary in price. This is not a circumstance where the fabricator is being greedy and adding on a higher margin, the manufacturers products can vary tremendously in prices. The premier quartz brand names can be double the price of a lesser known brand. At the same time, the warranty period will generally vary too. Generally the larger brands offer a longer warranty period.

Consumers generally base their selections rotational around brands and colour preferences for the project. Some of the quartz options mimic the colour tones that natural stone has to offer, whilst others are vibrant and singular colours. Bear in mind that matt finished surfaces need extra care and maintenance.

The finishing details of your worktops such as drainer styles and edge details can add different design elements to your home. Drainer grooves cut into the surface, for example, are highly stylish and practical. One should consider worktops which will be complementary to your kitchen colour scheme.

Engineered quartz, or as it is sometimes referred to, man made stone is a perfect material for your unique kitchen. It is truly versatile and can be employed in a variety of applications, offering designers the freedom to work with a material they can trust and rely upon. With numerous possibilities available, you can discover the perfect quartz worktops to suit your taste and you now have all the information that you need to choose quartz worktops or granite worktops.

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Choose quartz worktops

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Choose quartz worktops

This article was published on 2012/02/09