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Recently, Xinhua News Agency and other domestic media have reported the acquisition of Haier refrigerator factory in India news. According to company confirmed that the acquisition of the Indian plant is part of Haier's localization strategy, aimed at the local market in India to provide better products and services.

Haier India Managing Director Mr. Shi Zhiyuan Electric, said: "Our goal is to become India in the next few years, the market leader in home appliances, for which we will strengthen the implementation of the localization strategy." On the surface, Haier acquired India plant behavior is to implement the localization strategy, in fact, its essence is in the world to better implement its own global brand strategy. Chinese enterprises should learn from Haier's acquisition of how worldwide to build their own global brand.

Acquisition can "buy" to a global brand?

Chinese enterprises in general that: have a global brand on the overseas market success. Thus, most Chinese companies start to reduce their acquisitions to global brand building of the road. But in fact, brand-building is an ongoing, lengthy process, the user only when the brand was consumed in the process will get better after the experience of gradually recognized, this is a very long process. Therefore, Chinese companies want to buy a simple "buy" a global brand can be said to be prohibitively difficult.

Haier acquired the factory in India

but not look so simple, its what is behind Haier's refrigerator market in India have complete control of those involved. India, one of the most influential local "Financial Times" in the acquisition of the Haier refrigerator factory in India reported that: Haier acquired the factory covers an area of 40 acres, was originally manufactured on OEM products for the Haier. Not difficult to see from the reports, and by its acquisition of Haier refrigerator plant has long roots from the OEM point of view of cooperation, this refrigerator factory in fact already "on behalf of the Haier factory", and its acquisition is the Haier refrigerators in India market from R & D, manufacturing, marketing network building and upgrading, the purpose is through this trinity of localization localization pattern to create their own brand.

Thus, the Chinese enterprises in the process of building global brands, the acquisition can not rely simply buy a "brand identity", but to learn from Haier refrigerator that "first there is a market, buy the factory," the local construction mode, building their truly global brand.

How to build global brand

How should Chinese companies build their global brand? In fact, the Chinese companies in building global brands on the road quite a long way to go. For example, Chinese products to overseas consumers under the impression that cheap low quality can not be changed in a short time; China as a developing country, the low level of corporate governance, lack of experience in international operations; Chinese culture emphasizes absolute obedience and unity, which is diametrically opposed to Western ideas ... ... One of these factors, China's brand construction of road there is still a long way to go.

However, thankfully, as the Haier refrigerator go out earlier, but also provided for Chinese enterprises can learn from global brand-building mode. This model is the localization of research and development, local manufacturing, local marketing trinity of localization patterns. Haier refrigerator in order to build its own global brand, a comprehensive variety of ways to enhance the strength of their brand overseas record. For example, cooperation with Japan Sanyo Haier look to have the most to the top of the R & D in Japan; acquisition of India Haier Refrigerator Factory to the Trinity in a short time to achieve localization pattern. These practices allow Haier refrigerator can be more directly overseas to establish and promote their localized brand, establish a local-based image. Another example, in the U.S. plant, the Haier factory has become the South American government as part of the local economy, and is the local government as a benchmark investment company, Trinity localization patterns in the United States will promote the success of Haier refrigerators in the world accelerate the construction of parts of the localization of their own brands, the acquisition was originally done for their own OEM factory in India will become ripe for doing this.

Therefore, this model Haier refrigerator country more accessible to consumers respect and recognition of Haier brand. This is also the globalization of Chinese enterprises to build brands better choice.

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China's household electrical appliance enterprises how to build global brands - China Plastic Optica

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