Branding Your Dubli Business

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Creating a brand for your Dubli business is the key to online marketing success. Your brand will separate you from the tens of thousands marketing the same product, and in doing so give you a leg up on your competition. We all have the same opportunity with the same products, and services to offer potential Dubli customers, so how do you differentiate your business from every one else on the Internet?

The key is to identify a brand you are comfortable with, and stick to it. If you are not sure how to identify a brand let me give you some examples. A brand can be your expertise in a particular product that Dubli offers, or maybe you are an expert in the online auction industry. Perhaps you have special knowledge from previous experiences in the retail industry that you can share with others and create that as your brand. Dubli has so many different aspect to their opportunity that choosing which brand you like will not be difficult, but try to find something you already have expertise in. 

Once you have decided on your brand the next step is to promote your brand online. There are several activities to help you brand yourself on the Internet, and all of them should be part of your marketing approach. Here is a list of activities that I am doing to brand my Dubli business.

  • Writing articles about your area of expertise, and tying Dubli into the body of your article. A word of caution your readers do not want to be sold to. They appreciate your ability to educate them, so keep that in mind when you are writing. As EzineArticles teaches - you are giving the reader value in your articles, and the take, or sell is in your signature.
  • Blogs and Forums: Find some blogs and forums to share your value added expertise, and knowledge. Do not be concerned with selling your product in your comments, be more concerned with providing relevant content to help other. Doing this activity will build relationships, and grow your online networks. In time you will get your opportunities to expose others to your Dubli business.
  • Personal Blog: Create your own personal blog so that as you develop relationships with other from your blogging, and writing articles you will have a resource page to drive them to. This will help you to reveal the opportunity about your business. Give a bigger picture if you will.  As well this allows your readers to interact with you on a personal basis, and ask question to get answers.
  • Video marketing: This is a great way for you to get in front of the masses, and share information about your business opportunity, and your brand with in the Dubli network. If you have specialized knowledge about electronics then do a video about buying electronics through Dubli, and share with others the value one would find by going to Dubli.

In addition there are a couple of additional activities that you can do as well like social book marking, and getting high quality oneway back link to your blog, or website, but that activity does not actually build your brand as well as providing high quality content as previously discussed in the four points above.

The last ingredient you will need is time and consistency. This is perhaps the most important ingredient to building your own personal brand. You will need to be diligent on a daily or weekly basis depending on your time availability, but stick to it long term as these types of activities take time to build your brand just like relationships take time to build.  In the end you will establish your own personal Dubli brand that will give you a long term leg up on the competition.

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Branding Your Dubli Business

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This article was published on 2010/05/24