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Brands are like people, they have all the senses to communicate the value, equity and emotions that encompass their individual brand personality. Brands should not be taken as something mechanical, they contain power to stimulate and innovate people and their emotions. Every brand id known to its consumer through many sources of communications. Some recognized a brand with its logo, other recall it with the signature tune and some knows it with the dominating color of the brand. All these sources of brand identity serves as brand signals that captures the attention of target consumer on the move.

Effective branding is the process of managing all the signals in such a way that no one misses the signal on their way in their normal life=cycle. Contact points are identified by the brand professionals and a strategy to ensure brand presence at all those contact points has been developed. It's the biggest challenge that any brand has to come across while designing a result oriented branding campaign. The better the contact points of consumer and brand communication are identified, the more chances of getting desired mileage one has.

Brand taps the consumer attention and a strong brand recall is achieved. All these brand signals depicts the brand differentiation and establishes a very strong brand identity in the mind of target consumer. The better the brand management process has been maintained the greater the chances of desired results any branding campaign scores. Branding largely relies on the effective communication of brand signals and it has to be well understood that consumers are well aware and exposed to the brand signals. Every brand signal has its own impact and a definite time to be executed and every individual signal address a different set of problems.

Branding in a campaign are controlled by the available budget, available spaces, time and priorities and these signals are governed by very strategic decisions. Effective management of these brand signals ensures effective communication of any campaign. Over communication of many brand signals within an area creates a lot of novice and kayos, clarify of branding campaign and simplicity of ideas also contribute to large extent. Logo, tagline, signature tune, corporate color, brand style and typefaces are the brand signals that help to create strong brand differentiation and recognition in any brand.

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Branding & Brand Signals

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This article was published on 2010/03/28