Brand Yourself First, Then Your Business

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Do you know who you are and what has led you to read this article? What are you intentions? What are your desires? Take time to clarify your perception of yourself. It is not until you understand who you are and are able to effectively communicate who you are to others that you will be able to effectively brand your company. Your business is merely an expression of a thought or idea that you have manifested in this physical world. However, the question you must ask first is; what is it that has led me to this moment? The combination of thought and experiences leading you to this moment is the essence of you. It is within the essence of you that your true value lies. This value must be embedded into the brand of your company, but you must discover it first. This prompts the question, how do you brand yourself? How do you identify the value within you and communicate it to others efficiently, effectively and often?

Take time to develop the story of you. Then package it in a way that is easily comprehendible to others. Create what is otherwise known as a mantra for your life. Take these steps to begin developing a brand for you.

1. Identify that within you which is unable to be replicated. Each person has a unique combination of knowledge and experience. This is what makes you an individual. Decide what experiences in your life have guided you to this moment. What is the cause of your search for this knowledge? This will inevitably be a combination of things, list them all. Did you learn a new fact that prompted you to seek further to answer a question? What prompted the question? Move backwards in time through your stream of consciousness and pull out the pivotal moments when you have either experienced something or learned something that fits into the sequence of events leading you to this moment.

2. On a piece of paper create three columns. In the first column list the things that you have identified in the first step. In the third column list your goals and intentions for your business. Finally, in the middle column identify the common or bridging concepts between the two. Ask yourself what allowed your mind to make the connection between column one and column three. Within this column lies the essence of you. It is what guides you to take action on your mental intentions.

3. From that which you have identified as your essence, create a short slogan or mantra. Decide how you will communicate this to others. Then, do it. Communicate it to as many people you can. Live it, breathe it, be it.

Finally, once you have mastered this, apply it to the mission of your business and create a brand for your company. Always brand yourself first, and then brand your company. This will ensure that the essence of you exists within your business endeavors. When the essence of you exists in the things you engage in regularly it will keep you in alignment with your dreams and goals.

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Brand Yourself First, Then Your Business

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This article was published on 2010/05/19